What We Do

IPSS Azerbaijan specialises in the supply and service of pipeline structural solutions to the Oil and Gas sector.

By supplying a range of products and services, we help organisations source high-quality products to fulfil the requirements of their business.

Products are managed to Industry standards including but not limited to B16.48 / API-590 / GOST / DEP (Shell).

Products are stocked locally and ready to ship directly to site meaning waiting times are kept to an absolute minimum.


Pipes, Fittings and Flanges

IPSS offer a complete range of Pipes, Fittings & Flanges to meet the needs of your project requirements in a vast array of Material grades ranging from Carbon (Low and High temp), Structural grades, Stainless steel, and Duplex and Super duplex grades.


IPSS can supply a wide range of valves to meet your requirements and specifications. We supply a number of types of valves including: Gate, Ball, Globe, Check, Double Block & Bleed, Choke, Needle, Manual & Actuated, Topside & Subsea.


IPSS Stock a wide range of Nipoflanges and Weldolet / Weldoflanges from quality approved European forgings to an array of industry standards as well as accommodating client specific designs.

Weldoflange and Nipoflanges are a combination of a Welding Neck flange and a supposedly Weldolet or Nipolet fitting, the 2 components are manufactured in one piece, and not welded.

Studbolts, Gaskets and Insulation Sheets

IPSS offer a complete range of Gaskets and Studbolts to meet the needs of your project requirements in a vast array of material grades ranging from Carbon (Low and High temp), structural grades, stainless steel and Duplex and Super duplex grades.

  • Stud Bolts (UNC,UNC,BSW,8UN,UNF,BSF, Metric Fine & Course)
    • Studbolts
    • Hex nuts
    • Studding
    • Engineering Studs
    • Waisted Studs
    • Hex Head Bolts
    • Hex Head Setscrews
    • Hex Head Blanks
    • Socket Head Caps & Blanks
    • 12 Point Ferryhead Bolt
  • Gaskets
    • Spiral wound (Carrier / R-Type / CGI-MRG / Baker / HX-RIR / LS / RIR / CG / CGI / LSI)
    • Ring Type Joints (Oval / Octagonal / BX / RX / SBX / Transitional)
    • Non-Asbestos, Spiral Wound, RTJ Rings, Sheet, Inhibitor Gaskets, Insulation Kits, Kammprofile Gaskets

Spectacle Blinds, Spades & Spacers

Manufactured in our facilities, IPSS utilises highly skilled engineers to manufacture a complete range of Spectacle Blinds, Spades & Spacers, all adhering to the rigorous, high-quality standards of the IPSS Group.

Structural Steel

IPSS provide quality engineered sections to meet various projects such as offshore structural, shipbuilding or civil engineering applications including:

  • Heavy Plates & Coil sheet
  • Shim
  • Universal beams & Columns
  • Channels
  • Equal and unequal angles
  • Flat and round bars
  • T Bars

Materials can be offered from:

ASTM A516-60 / 65 / 70 / 70 + HIC requirements.

BS EN 10025 S275 / 355 + J,J2,JR,AR,K2+N

BS EN 10025 S355 + G3,G4,G7,G10,G11,G12,S420G2

Stainless Steel 316/L, 304/L

Duplex UNS S31803 / UNS S32205 | 1.4462

Super Duplex UNS S31750, UNS S31760

Alloys and other grades on request.


MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Operations)

MRO management is vital for Operational Facilities onshore and offshore. It is imperative that downtime is kept to an absolute minimum. Our experienced staff and strategically placed warehouses ensure our markets can rely on receiving products on time, every time. The groups stockholding and experienced supply chain teams manage these requirements daily.

Project Management

All projects are handled by a handpicked team of dedicated and knowledgeable specialists. Each project team is specifically chosen based on their understanding and experience of the industry, the materials being selected, and the products required.

Supply Chain Management

We have long standing and mutually beneficial relationships with major suppliers worldwide; this cooperation extends to both MRO and Project Management assignments. We will only use trusted worldwide manufacturers and where applicable our clients approved vendor lists.


IPSS provide our clients with the documentation that they require for their products. Dependent on your project, your requirements may vary. Contact a member of our experienced team to discuss your documentation needs further.

Dedicated Resources

We have dedicated, fully computerised project management offices with electronic logs that detail each aspect of every project. We regularly visit each manufacturer to establish a list of key contacts who are responsible for the various disciplines such as production, documentation and commercial negotiations. This allows for total transparency and traceability across the entire process.