About Us

About Us

IPSS Azerbaijan opened in 2019 and are based in Baku Azerbaijan. We currently have offices in Central Baku as well as our warehouse facility in the Qaradagh area.

IPSS Azerbaijan LLC are market leaders for supplying a wide range of commodities from Steel Pipes, Fittings and Flanges, Valves, Structural Steel Materials, Gaskets, Fasteners and Plastic Pipes to name but a few. Over the years we have diversified and are now considered a vital part of many End Users supply chain with the provision of these products, while also assisting with high-level MRO activities.

We embrace the local content initiatives which the Azerbaijan authorities have in place and want to continue to strive to grow the company following these principles. We are very proud that the IPSS Azerbaijan LLC company is a 50/50 Joint Venture and is, therefore, truly an Azeri minded company.

IPSS Azerbaijan LLC is backed by the IPSS Group, with support from both from IPSS Limited and IPSS Caspian LLP. This allows the organisation to benefit from the wealth of expertise that IPSS has to offer both locally and in the global marketplace.

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